Industrial Waste Landfill Leachate Treatment Train #1

Price Technology enjoyed working with the professional team of consultants, engineers, and contractors on this Industrial Waste Landfill Leachate Collection / Leak Detection Treatment System Project.  The contaminated water is pumped to the treatment system influent holding tank.  The influent is then pumped to the reaction tank and is chemically treated.  The influent is pumped to the flocculation tank where it is further treated and flows into the clarifier, where the formed solids drop out.  The

effluent flows into the effluent tank where it is again treated.  The treated effluent is pumped to holding tanks where it awaits chemical analysis.  After chemical analysis verifies compliance, the treated effluent is pumped to the discharge header.  The sludge is pumped from the bottom of the clarifier to the sludge holding tank, where it awaits processing by the filter press.  The filtrate is pumped to a holding tank and then returned to the treatment system.

capability.  Acid and caustic chemical injection pumps are controlled to adjust pH using the PID control algorithm.  Other chemical injection pumps are controlled to maintain an injection rate proportional to the influent flow.  All controlled devices, pumps, and mixers have hand-off-auto control capability.  All chemical injection pumps have hand-off-auto control capability with adjustable percent-drive output in the manual mode.  The 10-inch color Touch Screen provides system control, system status, and alarm annunciation and logging functions for the operator.  The Touch Screen allows the process engineer to adjust all setpoints and to tune the PID control loops.  Control loop parameters and system response are displayed on trend graphs for all control loops.

This project was completed with system start-up, testing, commissioning, and training in January 2006.  Since that date many improvements have been made to the control system to address process conditions discovered while operating the contaminated water treatment system.

View of Control Panel Interior.

View of Motor Starter Cabinet and Control Panel.

View of Motor Starter Cabinet Interior.

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and pH sensors.  Submersible pressure and ultrasonic level transmitters control the various pumps and mixers and provide level indication and alarm functions.  Many of the feed and discharge pumps are controlled as  dual-pump operation with backup

Price Technology was entrusted to provide the custom control system to integrate  and control the many centrifugal and diaphragm pumps, mixers, chemical injection pumps, flow, level,