Food Process Data Documentation System

Price Technology was invited to develop the prototype Food Process Data Documentation System.  This dependable, easy-to-use system produces real-time display and real-time hard-copy time-stamped print of eight (8) critical food processing equipment variables.  The system was designed to be easily connected to many types of food processing systems where hard-copy reports are required to verify proper process equipment operation.

Price Technology worked with the equipment manufacturer to identify all of the possible features that would allow easy integration of the data documentation system with the food process equipment.  The touch panel, mounted on the control panel door, allows the operator to enter site-specific information, including company name, location, process circuit names, and process variable names.

The control panel houses the PLC, terminal blocks, touch panel and transmitter power supplies, and printer communication converter.  The process data is printed in real-time using a heavy-duty dot-matrix printer.

Serial-communication dot-matrix printer with RS232/485 converter.

The touch panel also provides alarm setpoint adjustments, password settings, clock adjustment, and sensor range entry.  All data and alarm status are displayed.  Time-stamped data is also saved to a USB memory stick to

View of Data Documentation Panel Exterior.

View of Data Documentation Panel Interior.

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allow viewing data on a computer spreadsheet program, if desired.  Terminal blocks, mounted inside the control panel, allow easy connection of the process variable sensor transmitters and a remote alarm signal, if required.

The PLC communicates with the printer using RS485 serial communication, which allows the printer to be located up to 3000 ft. from the control panel.  Two (2) documentation programs were designed using the same control panel and printer hardware.  The first design prints in a scaled-graph format.  The second design prints in a spreadsheet format.  Complete system documentation was prepared, including wiring diagrams, bill of material/layout drawings, and communication wiring and settings. Acceptance testing on both designs was completed in May 2008.

Sample print in scaled-graph format.

Sample print in spreadsheet format.