Saw Mill Set Works System

The Setworks Systems makes it easy for the operator to produce accurate, repeatable grade lumber.† The Setworks System is a motion control system integrated into the millís hydraulic circuit that moves the saw.† The operator selects the board thickness by pressing one of the ďSETĒ buttons, which will automatically move the saw the predetermined amount.

Prior to the installation of the Setworks System, the operator made the required saw movements by actuating the hydraulic hand control valve (shown below panel) and observing the scale and the pointer on the saw.† The Setworks System, installed in 1996, utilizes special hydraulic flow and control valves and optical encoder for saw position indication and control.

Saw Mill Set Works System

Unlike the Setworks System shown above which was integrated into an existing operating mill, this system was included in the initial design of the saw mill.† The mill design is also different in that the saw remains stationary, while the log moves in and out to size the lumber as well as through the saw to make the cut.

Mill Operator at Setworks Control Panel of Horizontal Band Saw Mil.

Operatorís Booth of Inclined Band Saw Mill.

Operator input is from the control panel push buttons and joystick buttons.† The heart of the Setworks System is the AutomationDirect.comTM Koyo DL205 programmable controller. The DL205 performs the required motion control, encoder interface, head block position indication, and storage of operator presets.† Since the initial installation (and the taking of these photographs) in March of 2000, the system has been expanded to include eight additional motion control functions.† These add to the capability of the operator to locate the log relative to the saw for initial cutting of the log, individual board cutting, and heart-of-the-log cant sizing.

Setworks System Control Panel and Joystick located in operatorís booth.

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