Boiler Blowdown Water Treatment System

Price Technology was pleased to be involved with this large research facilityís boiler blowdown water treatment project.† The boiler blowdown water treatment system collects the boiler blowdown, monitors and controls the pH and temperature, and allows the boiler blowdown to discharge after† the pH and temperature are within allowable limits.

Price Technology was entrusted to provide the control system to integrate† and control the equipment required to accomplish this important task.† The boiler blowdown system control panel houses the programmable controller, touch screen panel, and the control components to control the system equipment, including the cooling tower pump, fan, damper, circulating pump, redundant pH transmitters, loop

The operatorís touch screen panel provides pH and temperature setpoint adjustments,† system data displays and trending, and alarm display and logging functions.† The programmable controller runs the boiler blowdown control program and communicates with the touch screen panel.† Thermocouple and 4-20 mA modules handle the temperature and pH measurements.† AC and DC input modules handle the discrete inputs.† Relay output modules† control the relays and motor starters as well as enable the proportional control of the acid injection pump.This project was completed with system start-up, testing, commissioning, and training in September 2002.

Photograph showing one side of the boiler room.

thermocouple,† acid injection pump, and drain valve.† System status is monitored utilizing flow and float switches.† The AutomationDirect.comTM Koyo DL205 programmable controller and the operatorís EZTouch touch screen panel provide advanced control and operator features for the boiler blowdown control system.†

Plant engineer reviewing system status on Touch Screen Panel.

Portions of the Holding Tank and pH sampling system.

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