National Historic Site HVAC System

This National Historic Site, dating back to the 19th-century, is located on nine acres of beautifully landscaped property.  The spacious estate and well-furnished rooms are furnished much as they were during the late eighteen hundreds.  To better control the environment and preserve these 19th-century artifacts, it was decided to upgrade the building’s heating, cooling, humidification, and de-humidification equipment and controls.

Price Technology was pleased to be included on the team of professionals for this HVAC system upgrade project.  Seasonal mode control, using Proportional/Integral control loops, was required.  A new control system, using wireless sensors, products, LookoutTMDirect data acquisition software, and dial-up modem communication, was also specified.

Price Technology enjoyed the challenge of providing the control equipment for this extensive project.  Major control equipment included The AutomationDirect.comTM Koyo DL405 PLC-based control panel, six solid-state relay cabinets, digital output relay panel, operator’s touch screen, PC-based data acquisition system, wireless sensors and receiver.  Custom communication programs were written to communicate and decode the information from the wireless sensor receiver.  Curator’s office computer provides around-the-clock on-site monitoring and data storage.  Panel-mounted modem allows off-site communications.   Price Technology also assumed the responsibility for providing system sequence development, programming, drawings and documentation, field wiring terminations, start-up, testing, commissioning, and training.  This project was completed with system start-up, testing, commissioning, and training in October 2004.

Control Panel, Output Relay Panel, and Solid-state Relay Cabinets.

The building HVAC system upgrade consisted of installation of (2) Air Handling Units (AHU).  One AHU serves 5 rooms and the second AHU serves 6 rooms.                                                         

Front porch of National Historic Site building.

View of Control Panel Interior.

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Each AHU includes a Cooling Coil for cooling and de-humidification, Steam Humidifier, Central Duct Re-heater, (2) Zone Duct Re-heaters, and Outdoor Air Damper.  To fully monitor and control  building temperature and humidity, and to minimize impact on the historic building, (11) wireless sensors were installed through out the building.  Additional wired sensors were installed to monitor the environment and the equipment status.