Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

Price Technology was pleased to work with the team of professionals on this wastewater treatment system project.   The wastewater is pumped to the treatment system where it flows through a series of treatment tanks and clarifiers.  The contamination is removed in the form of sludge in the clarifiers and is automatically discharged to the transfer tank.  The sludge is  pumped to the conditioning tank and finally de-watered by the filter press. 

Price Technology was glad to be involved with this wastewater treatment system from the initial Piping & Instrumentation Diagram to the last sensor connection.  Complete control system documentation was prepared including electrical schematics, panel wiring, panel bill-of-material, terminal box layout, and connection diagrams.  Sequence-of-operation documentation included control logic, operator controls, and touch screen prints with listings of each function.

The control system includes the AutomationDirect.comTM Koyo DL205 PLC, the C-more Color Touch Screen as well as other quality automation products.  Chemical injection pumps are controlled to adjust pH using the PID control algorithm.  Other chemical injection is controlled to maintain an injection rate proportional to the influent flow.  All controlled devices, pumps, and mixers have hand-off-auto control capability.  All chemical injection pumps and proportional valve have hand-off-auto control capability with adjustable percent-drive output in the manual mode.  The 10-inch color Touch Screen provides system control, system status, and alarm annunciation and logging functions for the operator.  The Touch Screen allows the process engineer to adjust all setpoints and to tune the PID control loops.  Control loop parameters and system response are displayed on trend graphs for all control loops.  This project was completed with system start-up, testing, commissioning, and training in June 2006.

Lab Director at Touch Panel and Control Panel.

The control system integrates diaphragm pumps, mixers, valves, chemical injection pumps, flow, level, and pH sensors.  All power devices are controlled using combination motor starters.  Variable speed control is accomplished

View of Sand Filter, Treatment Tank, and Clarifier #2.

View of Control Panel Interior.

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using DC motors with variable speed drives.  Proportional chemical feed and proportional valve control is accomplished using 4-20ma current loops.