Municipal Sewage Pump Station Control System

Price Technology was pleased to be involved with this Municipal Sewage Pump Station Upgrade Project.  This project was enjoyable and was safe and successful because of the dedicated, professional, friendly team of consultants, operators, engineers, and administrators involved with this project.

The Pump Station Upgrade project had been started by a large engineering firm.  Unfortunately for all concerned, this working relationship turned bad, worked had stopped, and contractors left the project.  The pumps were running, but equipment was not installed, equipment not suitable for the application was malfunctioning, controls were  not installed, as-built documentation was not available, programming was faulty or non-existent, etc. 

Three (3) 150HP pumps are controlled in a Lead-Lag-Backup arrangement to maintain the wet well level.  The operator selects the Lead-Lag-Backup pump assignments.  The motors are controlled by VFDs with soft-starts available to automatically control the pumps upon VFD failure.  On-site emergency power generator will automatically power the pump station upon loss of utility power.  Wet well level is monitored using (2) level sensors, a submersible transducer and a

Engineer and operator and view of Pump Motor #2 and #3.

Price Technology was asked to join the project team and help provide the reliable control system that was required for this sewage pump station.  This project was challenging in many respects.  The control system integrated with

Operator and view of Pump #2 and Pump #3.

Operators at Control Console and Touch Screen.

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many different types of equipment; VFDs, soft-starts, emergency power generator, transfer switch, telephone dialer, as well as sensors and switches.  Coordination and support was needed to accomplish the work safely.  Various circuits had to be isolated and

temporary bypass circuits had to be made during tracing, wiring, and installation.  Pump operation had to be coordinated so that one pump was in operation to maintain wet well level.  Extensive documentation was required to communicate with all team members and to help with contract disputes.

bubbler system.  Two (2) AutomationDirect.comTM Koyo DL405 PLCs are available to control the pump station, one PLC is controlling, one PLC is backup.  The operator selects the controlling PLC.  The touch screen provides system data displays and trending, control setpoint adjustments, and alarm display and logging functions.  The telephone dialer will make voice-message calls upon alarm activation and provide call-in voice-message retrieval and computer dial-up monitoring and configuration.  The Project from planning to final inspection work spanned from May 2001 to October 2005.