Pallet Production Accounting System

The Pallet Production Accounting System has proved to be a huge success in saving the company money.† The system allows the pallet grader to tally both the type of pallet and the production line worker that produced the pallet.† The office manager can, at any time, download the production data to his desk-top computer for inventory purposes and worker piece-rate calculations.

Prior to the installation of the Production Accounting System, each worker was allotted paid time at the end of each shift to tally his number and type of pallet produced.† These tallies were then given to the office manager to compile.† The Accounting System greatly stream-lined this process with no errors, large cost savings, and added benefits such as: production trending and inventory management.

Since that time, the computer has been upgraded a number of times.† Ease of use and speed have been increased by our upgraded Windows-based Visual BasicTM application, which includes spreadsheet and file management functions.† The communications are handled by the AutomationDirect.comTM DirectSOFT DDE Server software.

Pallet Grader at Accounting System Panel.

The production data is stored utilizing the AutomationDirect.comTM Koyo DL205 programmable controller located in the pallet graderís panel.† The original desk-top computer, installed in 1995, was an 8088-based mono-chrome system which communicated to the DL240 CPU by our custom-written BASIC communications program using the DirectNET protocol.†

Office Manager reading production data uploaded from PLC.

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